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    生物質燃燒機、生物質熔鋁爐首選無錫佳億熱能科技加入收藏 | 設為主頁 | 聯系我們 | 網站地圖
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    采用鑄件結構機架,為無軸式。開合裝卸線盤 不用吊車。排線采用微機單獨控制,由光電編碼器 跟蹤線速度。生產電纜規格可從按鍵輸入,微機自動控制排線節距結構穩定,工作可靠,齒輪箱于渦輪箱為一體結構。上下更靈活,改少萬向連軸節及 其他易損件。地軸內有保險裝置在夾緊盤具時起保 護作用。
    該機另有改進型,地軸設兩節以便夾緊盤具時 定為更便利。

    Uses the casting structure rack, for non. Opens and doses loads and unloads the coil not to ujse thecrane. A row of line uses the microcomputer independent control, tracks the link speed by the pharo electricity encoder. The production cabspecifica- tionmay from press a key the input,the microcomput- erautomatic control row of line pitch structure is stable, the work is reliable, the gear box in the wormgear case is a body structure. About is more nimble, changes the few rotary continually axial pitcth and others. In the earth axis has the protector has when the clamping disc the protective function.
    This machine has the advanced version inaddition, the earth axis supposes two in order to theclamp- ing disc has time locates conveniently
    Uses in the communications cable for the elec- tricwire and cable plant, the power cable becomes thecable production line, installs the armor produc- tionlinelsqueezes out the production line f the crossinglinking unit receives a row of line to use.
    主要技術參數 Main Technical Parameter
    型號 Type WSP1600 WSP2000 WS02500 WS03200
    線盤 Reel 850/1600 1000/2000 1250/2500 1600/3200
    最大法蘭直徑(mm) Max.flange dia 1600 2000 2500 3200
    最小法蘭直徑(mm) Min.flange dia 850 1000 1250 1600
    最小寬度(mm) Min.overall width 600 600 900 1180
    最大寬度|mm) Max.overall width 1180 1500 1900 2120
    最小桶徑(mm) Min.barrel dia 400 500 500 800
    中心孔(mm) Bore 80 80(100) 80(100-125) 80(100-125)
    最大線盤重置(kg) Max.reel weight 6000 8000 12000 15000
    最小線徑(mm) Min.wire dia 4 5 7 8
    最大線徑(mm) Max.wire dia 40 50 70 80
    最大旋轉速度(rpm) Max.rotation speed 7/17/37 7/17/37 7/17/37 7/17/37
    排線范圍(mml Traverse range 5-50 6-60 8-90 9-120
    馬達類型 Motor 力矩馬達moment motor
    電機型號 Motor type JLJ-6-4kg.m JLJ-6-6kg.m JLJ-6-6kg.m JLJ-6-8kg.m
    排線驅動 Traverse drive 交流變頻 AC frequency conversion

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